How much does it cost to place an advert on Kraft it?
The cost to place an ad on Kraft it is free for 30 days when the trail is selected.

30 day FREE Trial Period
There is a 30 day FREE Trial Period, so you can open a shop and sell your things free for 30 days. If your item sells within the 30 day trial, then you don’t pay anything, so you have nothing to loose but plenty to gain.

How does the system work?
The way the system works is as follows, you open a shop with us for a 30 day FREE trial period, If after 30 days you are happy to continue to sell on Kraft it, simply go to My Account Menu, Myshop Setup page and select a membership option that suits you.

What fees are incurred?
The cost to open a shop is £5 per month (none featured) or £50 for the year (none featured)
If you require your advert as a featured ad that goes on the front page and on multiple pages on the site, so it gets more visibility then this will cost £7 per month (featured) or £75 for the year (featured) please note, Your membership does not auto renew, we do not keep this information on file, this has be be done by you via paypal through My Account Menu, Myshop Setup page.

How many images can I upload with my advert?
You are allowed to upload up to 4 images that are automatically resized to 500px.

Buyers who have registered and just want to buy
You will need to fill in your postal address under Personal Information along with your paypal email address. If you don’t fill in the above fields, then you can’t buy.

Buyers who have registered and just want to sell
Before you can start selling on Kraft it you must fill in a few details before you go any further. Under My Account Menu, My shop setup you will need to select a subscription and shop title. We suggest filling in as much detail as possible ie shop description, Shop Policy and Contact Information also uploading some portfolio pictures that will help buyers.

When will I get paid?
You get paid instantly as all payments go through paypal so the funds are in your account straight away.

What happens if the buyer doesn’t pay?
I know this can be upsetting, but don’t send the item/s until the person has paid in full. Always check your paypal account to see if the money has been paid in before sending anything.

How do I cancel an order (buyer).
If you need to cancel an order simply login to your account, and go to my account home where you will see Outstanding Payments, at the side there will be contact seller, cancel order. Click on the cancel order button to cancel your order and then confirm to cancel your order.
The seller will receive a message through his account that the buyer has canceled the order. If you have paid for the item then you will need to get in contact with the seller and ask them to refund your money via Paypal.
Please contact the seller before you cancel an order. The buyer may be responsible for the postage cost if the item has been dispatched, this will be stated in the sellers shop policy.

Does the seller have to run their advert until it ends?
No the seller can end or pause their items when they want. This can be good for holidays.

How do I know when I have sold something?
You will receive an email from us telling you that your item has sold. When you login to your account, you will see a number under my account menu that needs your attention, this represents that there is activity in your account.

Who shall buy from?
That’s up to you, but we would recommend looking at the persons reviews to see if you are 100% happy with their work and reviews.

What happens if I’m not happy with the item I received?
Please communicate with the seller about the item you received, as you will want to be 100% happy before you leave a review.

Who pays the postage if I receive an item not as described?
The seller must pay for the return postage because they have advertised something not as described. Please communicate with the seller about any problems you have, before leaving any reviews.

Who pays the postage if I receive an item but change my mind?
I’m afraid the buyer must pay the postage, because the seller has sold an item that matches the description, so it’s not the sellers fault that you decided to change your mind.

Are all messages sent and received through Kraft it monitored?
Yes all messages that go through Kraft it are monitored. The reason we do this, is so that we can offer support if something goes wrong.

How long does my ad run for?
All items placed on Kraft it will run continuous or 30 days, depending on membership option selected, you can pause selling if you want.

Why do I get logged out after 30 minutes?
The website is setup so that after 30 minutes of activity, you will automatically be logged out. You will need to log back in again. This is so if a person walks away from their pc and forgets to logout then the system does it for you.

Why have I been locked out of my account?
If you try to login to your account with the wrong username or password 3 times then the system will lock you out of your account, for 60 minutes. You are allowed to log back into your account after this time. If you are still having problems after this, you may want to click on forgot password link on the login page to reset your password.

Kraft it Team