Please follow the guidelines below when using images and text on Kraft it.

You should take your own images and write your own descriptions for the items you list.

Frequently Asked Questions
What should I do if my image or text is being used by another member?

When you create listings you give Kraft it and it’s members permission, through our user agreement, to use your images and product details. Your content may be added to the Kraft it catalog, and may be used by other sellers in their listings.
You may contact the member and ask them to remove your image or text from their listing if you think that the image has been used without your consent.

Can I use images that I copied from other websites in my listing or product page?
No, you can’t use images copied from other websites or internet searches in your listing or product page, unless the owner of the image has given you permission. For example, it may be considered copyright infringement if you copy and paste an image from a manufacturer’s website, unless you have permission.

Can I use images that have contact information or website links on them?
No you cant as stated in our T&C Sending images with contact details is strictly prohibited.
All messages that go through Kraft it are monitored.

Any images that are being used without permision or with contact details or links in them will be removed from the site without notice.

Kraft it Team